Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Reading Dialogue Of Time

 Lets read these dialogues together.

A: When do you get up?
B: I usually get up at 6:30 AM.
A: When do you leave for school?
B: I usually leave for school at 7:30 AM.
A: Where do you have breakfast?
B: I usually have breakfast at home.


A: When do you get to school?
B: I usually get to school at 8:15 AM.
A: Do you take the bus or walk?
B: I sometimes take the bus, and I sometimes walk.
A: Where do you have lunch?
B: I usually bring my lunch from home.

A: When does your sister get home?
B: She usually gets home at 5:30 PM.
A: When does she eat dinner?
B: She usually eats dinner at 6:30 PM.
A: What does she do after dinner?
B: She always listens to her phone messages.

A: My brother usually watches TV.
B: What does he like to watch?
A: He likes to watch the news.
B: When does he go to bed?
A: He usually goes to bed around 11:00 PM.
B: I like to read a book every evening.